Support us

Help us keep Subtitld running and improving - support our open source project and ensure the future of easy subtitling for all!

Why do you need financial support?

This is an open source project made by volunteers and developers who are not sponsored by any specific company. We need to maintain our website, servers, and some essential services. This way we can make easy installers, write documentation etc.

If I start donating, will I need to do that forever?

No. You can stop your subscription at any time.

Why don't you sell your software as closed source?

We ended up discovering that in the software market it takes a lot of effort, specifically in marketing and partnerships, to achieve some notoriety. Therefore, we believe that opening the software code will make Subtitld very useful and advanced.

And what about some online paid service?

A possibility, but we are not in that position yet.

What do you need to pay?

Developers' work hours and servers, mainly. But we also need equipment to help speedup processes. For example, we are planning to buy equipment and developer licenses to build the macOS bundle.